Thomas Mölg

Carreer progression

  • 1995: School leaving examination
  • 1996-2001: diploma studies geosciences (geography, meteorology & geophysics) at Innsbruck University, predicate ‘summa cum laude’
  • 2001-2003: doctoral studies of natural sciences at Innsbruck University, doctorate ‘summa cum laude’
  • 2004-2011: Post-Doc scientist at Innsbruck University; tasks: research, teaching, supervision of graduate students, grant applications, co-PI on Kilimanjaro projects, public outreach
  • 2007: Post-Doc scientist (Fulbright Scholar), University of California at Berkeley (USA)
  • 2009: Habilitation Award (‘professorial qualification’) from the Faculty of Geo- and Atmospheric Sciences / University of Innsbruck
  • 2011-2013: Senior scientist (Humboldt Scholar), Chair of Climatology

Research Field:

  • climate-cryosphere relations
  • tropical atmosphere-ocean dynamics
  • regional climate of East Africa
  • mountain meteorology
  • numerical modeling

Publications and further information

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