Sebastian Gutierrez Merino

Career progression

  • 03/2017: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Technology at TU Berlin, bachelor thesis (title) "Der Einfluss der Lufttemperatur auf die Stromlast in Berlin in den Jahren 2008-2014"
  • 04/2013 - 09/2016: Student Assistant at the chair of climatology (Prof. Scherer)
  • 08/2012 – 09/2012: Work experience in the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment, Department IX D Environmental Policy, Immission and Climate Protection
  • 10/ 2010 - 03/2017: Bachelor studies of Environmental Science and Technology at Technische Universität Berlin
  • 10/2007 - 09/2010: Bachelor studies of Physics at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
  • 06/2007: University-entrance diploma

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Development, actualisation and optimising the websites of the chair of climatology
  • Support of different research projects
  • Analysis and evaluation of scientific data
  • Testing of new developments (functionality and usability tests)
  • Administration of online literature databases
  • Public relations

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Sebastian Gutierrez Merino


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