Hamburg / Berlin / Stuttgart

General and application-specific evaluation of the urban climate model PALM-4U and performance of sensitivity studies with PALM-4U

"Modul B 3DO+M - Sub-project 1: Coordination of the research programme and Module B, evaluation and scientific application of the urban climate model PALM-4U"

Chair Urban Climate Under Change - Stadtklima im Wandel
Urban Climate under Change


We address the "Open Science" and implement an urban citizen observation network run by, e.g. allotment gardeners.

Open Urban Climate Observatory Berlin for environmental research and applications
Project openUCO
The BMBF joint project AI-NET-PROTECT develops concepts, architectures and methods for automated network operation and secure networks on trustworthy devices for critical infrastructures and companies. The Chair of Climatology participates in planning, design and setting up of a test infrastructure for a hybrid network on the Campus Charlottenburg of TU Berlin.

Campus TU
Developing a global mapping model that quantifies carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion in urban environments at fine spatial and temporal scales.

Mapping the Urban Carbon Dioxide Emissions at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution
Mapping the Urban Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The research project develops and builds a prototype of a novel energy-autonomous office-greenhouse with symbiotically functioning areas for office and plantation use.

Prototype of an energy-autonomous greenhouse for training purposes


The project focuses on the Brunnenviertel in Berlin-Wedding as a pilot area for climate adaptation measures using existing participatory structures.

Parcipitative development and implementation of climate adaptation measures in the Brunnenviertel in Berlin-Wedding (KiezKlima)

(Project completed)

Map of the neighbourhood Brunnenviertel

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Berlin and surrounding

Temporal and spatial modification of regional heat waves by urban environments and investigation of processes leading to these modifications

"Heat waves in Berlin, Germany - Urban climate modifications"

(Project completed)

Hitzewellen in Berlin
Differnt urban textures in Berlin

Interdisciplinary project on the risks of increasing heat stress for humans and different mitigation and adaptation options using Berlin as an example

DFG Research Unit 1736

Urban Climate and Heat Stress in mid-latitude cities in view of climate change (UCaHS)

(Project completed)

Simulation der mittleren Strahlungstemperatur mit SOLWEIG
Mean radiant temperature simulated with SOLWEIG

Adaptation strategies for climate sensitive woody structures in historical gardens.

Future-oriented handling of woody vegetation of historical gardens in times of climate change

Web page only available in German

(Project completed)

Trees in a historical garden
Trees in a historical garden

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