Regional Climatology

The Chair of Climatology works with methods of regional climate research mainly in areas of the earth where the limited availability of data makes direct observation of climate phenomena difficult. # For this reason, numerical modelling of the atmosphere and remote sensing methods ( IT Services ) play an important role in addition to measurement data. We address questions concerning the improvement of data quality (e.g. HARv2 ), the influence on regional water balance (e.g. QTIP ) or the interaction between land cover and atmosphere (e.g. Morocco, Central Europe, South America).

Current and completed projects and activities of the Regional Climate Research Group:


Vestfonna Gletscher
Vestfonna glacier

High Asia


Central Europe

Messnetz Stationskarte
Freiburg and Southwestern Germany

North Africa


South America

Bild eines Bofedales
Peruvian Andes

Lead and contact:

Dr. Marco Otto


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Wang, X., Tolksdorf, V., Otto, M., Scherer, D. (2020):
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Potential Effects of Projected Decrease in Annual Rainfall on Spatial Distribution of High Andean Wetlands in Southern Peru, Wetlands 37 (4), 647-659. DOI: 10.1007/s13157-017-0896-2.

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