Regional Climate Analysis of the Southern Upper Rhine (REKLISO)


NO2-Total load
NO2-Total load

In view of climate change, it will be particularly important in the Upper Rhine region not only to avoid deterioration of important climate parameters by means of climate-adapted settlement development and design, but rather to maintain and strengthen locally effective climatic compensation functions in the long term. This applies, for example, to the planning of open spaces which are of particular importance for settlement areas with regard to air exchange or thermal compensation. Consideration of climatic surface functions in the context of spatial planning, is the focus of the REKLISO project.

Preventive planning measures of this kind directly serve to ensure favourable living conditions for the people in the region and are an important supplement to emission reduction measures.


The Regional Climate Analysis of the Southern Upper Rhine (REKLISO) was carried out by the Southern Upper Rhine Regional Association in co-operation with two university institutes and was completed at the end of 2006. For the first time a comprehensive basis for the region is available to take into account climate and air protection aspects in spatial planning. The regional climate analysis comprises a region-wide analysis of selected planning relevant basics for the environmental good climate / air as well as derived technical objectives and recommendations for action for spatial planning in the region. The analysis was carried out on the scale of regional planning. The results of REKLISO are primarily a basis for the continuation of the Regional Plan Southern Upper Rhine. Furthermore, they have an orienting function for the local planning level.

The following concrete objectives are pursued with REKLISO

Region-wide analysis of selected planning relevant basics for good climate and air, especially regarding:

  • Wind conditions
  • Temperature situation
  • Cold air production and transport
  • Air pollution and heat load risks

Development of spatially specific objectives and recommendations for action from a climatological point of view on the following topics:

  • Ventilation
  • Air quality
  • Thermal situation

Preparation of spatially distributed information on a regional planning scale as maps for spatial planning in the region.

Elaboration of the project’s findings

Publication and Download only available in German . Scientific work on the Regional Climate Analysis Southern Upper Rhine (REKLISO) was funded and accompanied by the Ministry of the Environment of Baden-Württemberg.