Central Europe

In Germany and Switzerland, there is a much better coverage with measuring stations compared to other regions of the world. However, for production of spatially distributed climate information for larger regions, as in regional climate analysis maps, a combination with numerical modelling and satellite data of the study area is advisable.


The Einstein Research Unit Climate and Water under Change (CliWaC) is a transdisciplinary research initiative of the Berlin University Alliance.
Start of the project: 01.01.2022

Climate and Water under Change
Climate and Water under Change CliWaC
Projekt CliWaC - Groß Glienicker See (Foto: Dieter Scherer)

South-West Germany

Automated analysis and evaluation of climatic and air quality facts for their consideration in urban and regional planning

Regional Climate Analysis of Southern Upper Rhine (REKLISO)

(Project completed)
Messnetz Stationskarte
Freiburg and Southwestern Germany


Region of Basel and Nord-West Switzerland

Analysis of the climate in the region of Canton Solothurn (Switzerland) and delivery of aggregated climate information and planning recommendations according to the requirements of planning authorities.

Climate Analysis Maps for planning aspects of SOLOTHURN (CH)

(Project completed)
Basel und Nordwestschweiz
Basel and Nordwestern Switzerland
Climate analysis maps of the Basel region and planning reference maps with site-specific objectives for planning authorities

Climate Analysis of the Region of Basel - KABA

(Project completed)
Messnetz Stationskarte
Basel and Nordwestern Switzerland

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Fehrenbach, U. et al. (2001):
Automated classification of planning objectives for the consideration of climate and air quality in urban and regional planning for the example of the region of Basel/Switzerland. Atmospheric Environment 35 (32), pp.5605–5615. DOI: 10.1016/S1352-2310(01)00205-9.

Scherer, D. et al. (1999):
Improved concepts and methods in analysis and evaluation of the urban climate for optimizing urban planning processes. Atmospheric Environment, 33(24-25), 4185–4193. DOI: 10.1016/S1352-2310(99)00161-2.