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Digitization is making its way into all areas of science and societal life, making it much easier to generate knowledge and facts. Nevertheless, how does this knowledge and do these facts, e.g. about our environment, actually come about? What does a digital measuring device register today, which in the past humans usually had to observe in a time-consuming manner?

The underlying process should not only be understood and designed by specialists, yet also by the users. Therefore, the makerspace at the Chair of Climatology enables students to realize their own small research project by building their own measurement devices. Available for this are e.g.:

  • two 3D printers

  • one Computer (all-in-one)

  • soldering stations

  • various tools and consumables

  • various microcontrollers and single-board computers

  • various (environmental) sensors

  • network technology

  • and related software (CAD, Arduino).

Finally, the mobile version of the makerspace fits perfectly onto the loading area of our van. Like a small secretary, the mobile makerspace folds out to the front and can thus be converted into two workstations in a few simple steps. The small trolley provides space for 3D printers, soldering stations, tools, sensors and computers. In this way, the mobile makerspace can also be used directly on site - for example during field experiments and excursions.

So far, the mobile makerspace has been applied in students projects on UV radiation exposure on urban dwellers or the microclimatic effects of field shrubs and groves as well as the influence of these woody structures on soil moisture.
Besides, the Mobile Makerspace was integrated into the course Angewandte Klimatologie II .

Mobiler Makerspace
Mobiler Makerspace

The mobile makerspace was funded by Tandem-Fellowship of Stifterverband - Projekt:
"Digital Making for everyone and everwhere! Forschen (lernen) im mobilen Makerspace" .

For further information (only available in German), please visit: Mobiler Makerspace

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