IT Services

IT Services is in charge of the maintenance and further development of the hardware and software as well as the associated services of the Chair of Climatology. This includes server data management systems (DMS), internet services (e.g. web and database servers, software repositories), license servers as well as the Chairs own file servers with the associated network, PC workstations and user administration. Continuous data backups as well as the operation of an own fireproof research data archive - according to German Research Foundation (DFG) guidelines - complete the range of work.

Computing Clusters of the Chair of Climatology

IT Services supports the research work in the field of numerical modelling at the Chair of Climatology. For this purpose, it operates an own computing cluster consisting of currently (Aug. 2020) 14 mainframe computers with 72 physical computing cores and 123 TB data storage. The computing cluster is utilized for urban ( [UC]2 Modul B ) and regional climate issues. Afterwards, the data products are provided for download ( CER , HAR v2 ) and long-term archiving.

Data management scheme in [UC]2

IT Services also supports the research work in data management and distribution of research data. In close cooperation with the Urban Climate Observatory, solutions for the management, quality assurance and standardization of various measurement data as well as the documentation of the required metadata are developed and implemented.

Land cover analysis in Seoul, South Korea

In the field of remote sensing, IT Services develops scientific methods for analyzing remote sensing data (optical, TIR and SAR systems) and for creating and analyzing digital terrain and surface models. Furthermore, climatic and air-hygienic conditions are automatically analyzed and evaluated, so that they can be considered in urban and regional planning.

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Postal address:

Fachgebiet Klimatologie
Institut für Ökologie
TU Berlin
Rothenburgstraße 12
D-12165 Berlin


Lead and contact:

Dr. Marco Otto


Wang, X. et al. (2020):
WRF-based Dynamical Downscaling of ERA5 Reanalysis Data for High Mountain Asia: Towards a New Version of the High Asia Refined Analysis. Int. J. Climatol. DOI: 10.1002/joc.6686

Jähnicke et al. (2016):
Urban-rural differences in near-surface air temperature as resolved by the Central Europe Refined analysis (CER): sensitivity to planetary boundary layer schemes and urban canopy models. Int. J. of Biometeorology 37 (4), 2063-2079. DOI: 10.1002/joc.4835