Collage Infrastruktur
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The infrastructure of the Chair of Climatology reflects the objectives, methods and needs of the research projects. The Urban Climate Observatory (UCO) Berlin serves the long-term, cross-scale research of weather, climate and air quality in Berlin and the surrounding area. The UCO consists of automatic weather stations of the Urban Climate Observation Network (UCON), meteorological measurement towers and instruments for ground-based remote sensing. A further essential part of the infrastructure is the IT Laboratory, which is responsible for maintenance and development of the Chair’s hardware and software as well as associated services. The Experimental Laboratory is completing the infrastructure. Among other things, it serves the development of hardware and software solutions for the acquisition, analysis and management of atmospheric data and carries out stationary and mobile measurements.

Postal address:

Fachgebiet Klimatologie
Institut für Ökologie
TU Berlin
Rothenburgstraße 12
D-12165 Berlin


Lead and contact Urban Climate Observatory:

Dr. Fred Meier

Lead and contact IT Lab & Services:

Dr. Marco Otto

Lead and contact Experimental Lab:

Dipl. Ing. Hartmut Küster