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The overarching theme of the research is the investigation of interactions between atmospheric processes and other compartments of near-natural and anthropogenically shaped geo-ecosystems. We use a wide variety of methods, including meteorological and air chemistry measurements as well as numerical modelling of atmospheric and hydrological processes in the fields of regional climatology and urban climatology.

In addition to measurements with automatic weather stations, turbulent heat fluxes are recorded with eddy-covariance systems. In the long term, the Chair of Climatology operates an Urban Climate Observatory in Berlin. Furthermore, so-called crowdsourcing data from citizen measuring stations are used for research. Atmospheric processes are modelled with local and mesoscale meteorological models. Research of hydrological processes is focused on snowmelt runoff models and water transport in snow cover. Further focal points are energy, water and mass balances of catchment areas of glaciers, snow-related natural hazards and thermodynamic and dynamic changes of polythermal glaciers. Methodological approaches also include analysis of remote sensing data, creation and analysis of digital terrain and surface models as well as automated analysis and evaluation of climatic and air-hygienic issues for urban and regional planning.

Postal address:

Fachgebiet Klimatologie
Institut für Ökologie
TU Berlin
Rothenburgstraße 12
D-12165 Berlin


Lead and contact Regional climatology:

Dr. Marco Otto

Lead and contact Urban climatology:

Dr. Fred Meier

Dr. Ute Fehrenbach