Research methods

Our research group develops and applies a broad spectrum of research methods, particularly:

Station measurements

  • Meteorological field measurements using automatic weather stations (AWS)
  • Boundary-layer field measurements of turbulent heat fluxes using eddy-covariance systems
  • Air-chemistry measurements of trace-gas concentrations and fluxes
  • Long-term operation of an urban-climate station network in Berlin
  • Long-term operation of an TIR camera system in Berlin

Remote sensing/GIS

  • Analysis of remote sensing data (optical, TIR- and SAR systems)
  • Generation and analysis of digital terrain and surface models
  • Automated analysis and assessment of climate and air-quality aspects for urban and regional planning purposes

Numerical modelling

  • Atmospheric processes (focus: local and mesoscale meteorological models)
  • Hydrologic processes (focus: snowmelt-runoff models, water transports in snow covers)
  • Energy-, water- and mass balances of glaciated drainage basins
  • Snow-related natural hazards (focus: slushflows)
  • Thermodynamic and dynamic response of polythermal glaciers on climate change (planned)

Postal address:

Fachgebiet Klimatologie
Institut für Ökologie
TU Berlin
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D-12165 Berlin



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