BMBF-funded project
‚Urban Climate under Change - [UC]²’

Urban Climate Under Change - Stadtklima im Wandel

Subproject 1: Three-Dimensional Monitoring of Atmospheric Processes in Berlin

The programme ‚Urban Climate under Change - [UC]²’ aims at the development, validation and application of an innovative building-resolving urban climate model for entire cities like Stuttgart, Berlin or Hamburg. The programme started on the first of June 2016 and will go on for three years. The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the programme as ‘Research for Sustainable Development’ (FONA); (funding code: 01LP1602A). The German Aerospace Center (DLR) Project Management Agency is providing the programme ‘Urban Climate Under Change’.

Prof. Dieter Scherer is responsible for the coordination of the joint research project 3DO in Module B. 3DO deals with existing long-term observations (LTO) and intensive observation periods (IOP) allowing the collection of three-dimensional atmospheric data sets for Berlin, Hamburg and Stuttgart.

Within the framework of 3DO the Chair of Climatology carries out subproject 1 (TP 1) “Three-Dimensional Monitoring of Atmospheric Processes in Berlin”. LTO data of the urban climate measurement network (Urban Climate Observation Network – UCON )Berlin of the Chair of Climatology will be processed and new LTO stations will be set up to measure a variety of further meteorological variables. At the site Rothenburgstraße, for instance, extensive vertical measurements of the atmosphere will be done. In addition, four IOP will take place in cooperation with other TPs of 3DO to gain detailed ground-based observation data for selected sites. The Chair of Climatology coordinates the IOP that take place in Berlin. Air quality and meteorological LTO data of the Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment in Berlin (Berliner Luftgüte Messnetz - BLUME) will be processed to apply them for validation of the new urban climate model. Simulations with meso-scale atmospheric as well as building-resolving models will be conducted for Berlin for selected time periods.

Together with other TPs of 3DO TP 1 will work on the development of new concepts and participate in the development of analysis tools, which will be tested by using collected data for model validation and selected applications. Concepts, tools and data will be implemented into the data management system of 3DO.

Prof. Dr. Dieter Scherer
Dr. Ute Fehrenbach
Dr. Katharina Scherber (deputy)
Project members of the Chair of Climatology:
Dr. Fred Meier
Achim Holtmann
Tom Grassmann
Alexander Krug
Julia Bartsch
Involved institutions:
Senate Department for Urban Development and Housing:
Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection:

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