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9th Japanese-German Meeting on Urban Climatology 2020

Call for Papers (Deadline 15th of April 2020)
Date: Monday, 31th of August to Friday, 4th of September 2020
Hosted by the Chair of Climatology at the Institute of Ecology at Rothenburgstraße Berlin

More information about the conference.

DFG funded research project “Heat waves in Berlin, Germany – Urban climate modifications“

As a part of the project bundle “Heat waves in Berlin, Germany” the research project investigates the influence of urban structures on regional heat waves, spatially and temporally.

Different conditions within the city should be detected to analyse their impact on heat related risk data of the urban population.

more information about the project

BMUB visits the "KiezKlima" project

BMUB visit of
Barbara Hendricks with Daniel Fenner,
member of the "KiezKlima" team
Barbara Hendricks, Federeal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety visited the "KiezKlima" project on 25 August 2016. Daniel Fenner and other project partners briefed her on a tour through the neighbourhood about the project and visited an urban climate observation site.

further information:

article of the BMUB

KiezKlima website (in German)

“Urban Climate Under Change [UC]²“: New staff members

On the occasion of the BMBF-funded measure Urban Climate Under Change [UC]² three new staff members have started working at the Chair of Climatology since July:

Dr. Katharina Scherber (Research Assistant (PostDoc), Project Coordination)

Julia Bartsch (Student Assistant)

Arva Kowalke (Student Assistant)

Kickoff-Meeting of the new BMBF-funded project “Urban Climate Under Change“([UC]²) 29./30. June 2016

Urban Climate Under Change - Stadtklima im Wandel

The BMBF-funded project started first of June over a period of three years. The project’s total funding is 13 Mio Euros. The Chair of Climatology is responsible for overall project coordination as well as coordination of the sub-project “Three-Dimensional Observation of Atmospheric Processes in Cities“ (3DO). 3DO is responsible for collection, preprocessing and dissemination of observational data in three German cities (Berlin, Hamburg, Stuttgart) with a funded budget of 6 Mio Euro. Within 3DO the Chair of Climatology will conduct research funded with 1.2 Mio (including cost for project coordination).

More information on Programme Website [UC]²


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Topics for Bachelor/Master Theses

We can offer a wide range of topics for final theses. Of course, you can come to us with own ideas. A selection of possible topics can be found here: Topics for Bachelor/Master Theses


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